Learning and Training Services

David Trick and Associates Inc. has been offering learning and training services to the Ontario Public Service and other publicly-supported organizations since 2006. Our associates offer high-quality learning experiences based on first-hand government experience and a deep understanding of issues facing governments in Canada and around the world.

We work closely with each client to identify your needs and tailor a learning program that is right for you.

Our learning and training associates

PETER CONSTANTINOU, PhD, is one of Canada’s leading practitioner-academics in the area of public policy and administration. He has worked as a senior civil servant in Ottawa and the Ontario Public Service, chief of staff to a cabinet minister, lobbyist and senior administrator in the college and university sector. As a professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at York University, his research focuses on political acuity, stakeholder engagement, public management and strategy, and government relations. He works with governments around the world to develop capacity in these areas through curriculum development, workshops and training programs.

PATRICE DUTIL, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. Before joining Ryerson in 2006, he worked for almost 20 years as a policy advisor in the OPS, director of Research at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, a television producer and was the founder and editor of The Literary Review of Canada. He publishes regularly on various aspects of public administration and Canadian political history. He is currently the editor of Canadian Government Executive. Patrice is bilingual.

TED GLENN, PhD, has been providing professional education and training services for over fifteen years. Currently professor and program coordinator of the graduate program in public administration at Humber College, Ted specializes in public policy, communications, leadership, and management. Prior to Humber, Ted worked for Ontario’s Cabinet Office, Treasury Board, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Legislative Research Service, and the federal Privy Council Office. As a professional consultant, Ted has also worked for clients around the world building capacity in technical and vocational education and training. Ted’s work has been published in Canadian Public Administration and by Canadian Scholar’s Press.

JULIE JAI, LLB, LLM, is an experienced lawyer and public sector executive who specializes in human rights and Aboriginal law. Julie has held senior positions with the Government of Ontario, Government of Canada, and Yukon Government and has been a member of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. An experienced trainer and Associate Fellow of the Canada School of Public Service, Julie is a frequent speaker at conferences in the areas of constitutional law, human rights and Aboriginal law. She is an active member of the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario), where she is the past-chair of the Aboriginal Law Section. Julie has extensive experience as a mediator and in building relationships with minority communities. Julie is bilingual.

Some examples of courses we have offered:


Introduction to Policy
Introduction to Government
Agency Accountability
Public Policy Research and Analysis
Machinery of Government
Political Acuity for Public Servants
Collaborative Governance
Cabinet Submissions and Decision-making
Policy, Planning and Evaluation
Research and Analysis

Leadership in the Public Sector
Effective Supervision
How to Run an Effective Meeting
Political Acuity for Public Servants
Collaborative Governance
Analytic Thinking
Introduction to Project Management
Agency Accountability
Stakeholder Engagement
Collaborative Governance
Political Acuity for Public Servants
Managing Partnerships and Relationships in Government
Agency Accountability
Managing Diversity with Respect: Common workplace challenges and how to deal with them
The Duty to Accommodate
Transgender Issues: Legal responsibilities and accommodation
Aboriginal Rights in Canada: What every public servant needs to know
Managing Diversity with Respect: Common workplace challenges and how to deal with them
The Duty to Accommodate
Transgender Issues: Legal responsibilities and accommodation
Writing Excellent Briefing Notes
How to Write Excellent Meeting Notes in Government
Communicating Effectively in Government
How to Write Excellent Cabinet Submissions
Clear Writing





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